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VATECH launches PaX-i Insight, the next generation of panoramic technology.

PaX-i Insight aims to deliver an astonishing feature of adding depths to a panoramic image.

The all new PaX-i Insight features the 'Insight Pan', which is the 4th generation of panoramic radiography presented by VATECH for the first time in the market. While the conventional panoramic systems may miss important details which land outside of a single focal trough, PaX-i Insight is capable of taking multi-layered images and providing in-depth look across a single focal trough.

Having the option to choose from a variety of images, the Insight Pan offers clinicians to explore 41 images (each sliced in 1 mm) when exploring their region of interest. This feature not only provides an accurate diagnosis for periapical diseases, periodontitis and pericoronitis but also allows clinicians to find hidden roots and canals.

In the case studies released by VATECH, visible fractured roots are often 'missed out' in conventional panoramic images with a single layer. Utilizing the PaX-i Insight's 'multi-slice' mode, clinicians can discover buccal roots by examining each root and its periodontal ligament separately.

One notable feature of PaX-i Insight is the 1.9 second acquisition time. Cephalometry radiography is an essential part of an orthodontic treatment and yet, it was not always easy to acquire a superb image quality that clinicians desire due to the motion artifact. Standing still for 12 seconds is difficult especially for children and teenagers. Furthermore, any movement during the image acquisition would leave clinicians with blurred images. Now with PaX-i Insight's rapid ceph technology, clinicians can obtain accurate images in the shortest time span by minimizing motion artifacts.

Besides the functionality of PaX-i Insight, the user-friendly EzDent-i software serves as a powerful solution to maximize the capability of PaX-i Insight. The Easy-to-use interface allows clinicians to be more efficient with treatment planning and patient consultation. An efficient practice leads to a much better standard of care delivered to the patients.


"We are glad to present VATECH's latest innovation which fascinated many clinicians at the IDS 2017. The new product will not only reduce the number of retakes by accurately exploring anatomical structures of the teeth but also enable faster diagnostic workflow. Since PaX-i Insight offers a unique feature which other products could not produce, we are all eager to see how this new product will transform the way clinicians work on their cases and communicate with their patients," said Sung Joon Kim, the director of global business unit.

PaX-i Insight will make its first release in the United States. Shortly, the new product will be introduced to other global markets throughout the year; including Germany, Italy and France. For more information, please visit



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