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We share the worries of our employees and support diverse welfare for a happy workplace

Korea's top-class workplace daycare center

The difficulty of child care is not a personal matter. In order to relieve the burden of childcare at home and to avoid the hardships of experienced workers, Vatech Networks has established the best workplace daycare center in Korea. We boast the highest quality of daycare centers, including lower teacher-to-child ratios than government standards, systematic educational programs, dedicated gymnasiums, and air purification systems.

Ewoo children's house brings children together with their parents every morning. In this place, they can understand their father and mother's work naturally and communicate with peers, learning love and consideration. Vatech Networks believes that differentiated day care centers will be a strong foundation for creating a pleasant workplace and a happy company.

A fitness center for a healthy body and mind

The health of the employees is the health of Vatech Networks and the health of the family. Vatech Networks has established its employee fitness center “Ewoo Gym” to help maintain healthy bodies and minds. Yiwoo Gym's health concept is not simply a good looking body. The ultimate goal is to have a strong working ability, good physical ability to do what you want to do after work, and physical fitness that allows you to play with your kids and on weekends.

For this purpose, Ewoo Gym is dedicated to improving the eating habits of employees who need health care by prescribing exercise programs for individual characteristics. We also run GX programs including screen golf, yoga, and pilates to relieve stress and work out in a busy schedule.

Food culture that considers health as a top priority

The basis of a healthy life is in eating habits. The food we eat soon tells us our health. Vatech Networks maintains its own food service through Vatech S&C Co., Ltd., to improve the quality of the food that is given up during busy work and to have the right eating habits.

Vatech S&T aims to provide rice that trustworthy and can be eaten as a rice bowl, and rice which is full of spirit and nutrition, list like mother used to make. Rice cooked with a pressure cooker, a warm soup, and a variety of dishes made with good ingredients will delight the mouth and heart of employees.

A joint program for happier Vatech employees

There are many things that can be done more conveniently and conveniently together. Our in-house restaurant food culture helps to reduce daily preparation time, and during school vacations, children of dual-income employees can eat lunch in the company restaurant and participate in athletic activities together. We also provide laundry and shoe repair, clock repair, postal services, etc.

The purpose of this program is to reduce the time and mental expenditure on small but simple tasks, and to let people spend more time on their own happiness. Spending more time with your family with the time saved by the joint program, and investing in self-development are the desired goals.

Other Benefit Systems

In addition, Vatech Networks implements a variety of benefits programs to support a stable and abundant lifestyle for its employees.

  • 기숙사 지원

    Dormitory support

  • 직원 주택자금 대출

    Employee housing loans

  • 자녀 학자금 지원

    Support for student expenses

  • 경조사 지원

    Support for family time

  • 리프레시 콘도 지원

    Vacation support

  • 육아기 단축 근무

    Shortened work schedule for child support

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