Diagnostic Software

Developing software solutions optimized for medical imaging

Dental Diagnostic Software


Ewoosoft Co., Ltd.

Dental Diagnostic Software specialist

In a rapidly changing dental environment, we are researching and developing solutions that meet customer needs in line with advanced development processes.

The representative products of Ewoosoft are OrthoVision 2.0 (for calibration), EzDent-i (for 2D diagnosis), and Ez3D-i (for 3D diagnosis). Because it was developed for user convenience, “easy to learn and easy to use” is the main attribute of the product. Ewoosoft has developed top tier global dental software through the development of the AI development room and last year’s acquisition of original technology in dental imaging diagnosis, as the artificial intelligence based diagnosis solutions have become core to competitiveness in the dental imaging field amid the fourth industrial revolution era.

Features of Ewoosoft
  1. 1
    To Play
    • Simple UI, Smart search
      Simple Implant Simulation
  2. 2
    To Communicate
    • Consulting viewer
      Simulation, Gallery & Report
  3. 3
    To Integrate
    • MAC compatible
      Server PC Synchronization
  • Business Area : Dental Application Software Development
  • Address : #14 Samsung 1-Ro 1-Gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA 18449
  • Phone : (+82) 031-8015-6171

Animal Hospital PMS


Woorien Corporation

Animal Hospital Specialized Software Brand

Based on the idea that friendship + connection = destiny.
Under the core value of “coexistence”, we aim to live well alongside our pets.

PMS (Patients Management System), a coexistence network in which people and people, and people and animals, connect with each other’s values, is a major focus of Woorien.
Woorien products have the following characteristics:

Product features and characteristics
  1. 1
    Simple & Easy
    • We provide information management systems for hospital clinic and management, such as electronic charts, diagnosis, management, and storage.
  2. 2
    To Communicate
    • Because all information including X-ray image is digitized, it can be used without any device, and the integrated diagnosis system pre-operative and multi-diagnosis and planning.
  • Business Area : Animal Hospital PMS (Patients Management System)
  • Address : #13 Samsung 1-Ro 2-Gil (23-4, Seoku-dong), Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA 18449
  • Phone : (+82) 1661-6613"
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