Vatech Networks believes in leading and creating value.

Business Philosophy

Vatech Networks seeks to create good jobs with differentiated competitiveness and realize the mental and material happiness of all its members.

We aim to be a leader in the global market with a competitive edge, to become a sustainable company and to create stable jobs.
Our unchanging focus on people-centered growth is what gives Vatech Networks its value.


We contribute to creating a better world with new technologies and products.


We are a small corporate group that leads global healthcare.

Core Values

Pushing for the best

  • We aim to be the best in the world in our line of business.
  • We challenge ourselves to find business ventures that can become the world’s best.
  • We aim to be the world’s leading experts in our respective fields.
  • We strive constantly to become the benchmark in the field.

Human-oriented innovation

  • We do not settle for the status quo and remain confident that we can find a better way by looking at the problem from various perspectives and constantly researching new methods.
  • The goal of our innovation is nurturing talent.
  • We endeavor to provide technologies and solutions that enhance the quality and dignity of human life.
  • Our innovation is aimed at conserving energy and resources and improving the environment, which is a universal value of humanity.

Sharing based on respect

  • We aim to cultivate a positive community where colleagues respect each other.
  • A culture where we can lean on each other.
  • We practice sharing in everyday life.
  • We improve our spirit and life through sharing.
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