VATECH receives MDSAP certificate for Dental SW


VATECH ( announced today that Ewoosoft, a subsidiary specializes in commercialization of dental software and solutions, has received the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) certificate. The company said it is the first reported case for a software company to received MDSAP certificate.

The certification will help the company take more vigorously step in the advanced medical device market. To stay dominant in competition, VATECH has focused on the development and commercialized of dental software through Ewoosoft. Particularly, 3D CT software enjoyed a notable success in global market. The company sees software as a key to lead global competition and will focus on the development of specialized products such as AI-based dental software

About MDSAP(Medical Device Single Audit Process): MDSAP is a uniform regulatory process which is mainly  adopted by five countries: United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and Brazil. However, it’s seeing participation site growing as more countries are moving either for nationwide adoption or strict implementation of the certificate. For example, Canada announced that it will require all firms to obtain MDSAP certificate to legally sell medical devices and technologies in the country as of the early 2019.

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