Rayence shows a solid growth in Latin America’s medical detector market



▲ The view of OSKO Inc. in Maimi  FL, USA


Rayence (www.rayence.com) showed robust sales in Mexico and other Latin American countries during H1. The company said on Thursday that it generated the highest sales record during H1, showing a sweeping growth from year ago.  


OSKO, an American TFT producer and distributor which Rayence acquired in 2016, became a primer to sales increase in Latin America. The acquisition seems to have secured a stronghold for the company’s production and distribution over a year. Rayence also built a production facility in Florida where Rayence’s detector components are assembled as finished products and shipped to Latin America countries.  


The company re-aligned business unit for system development, production, logistics and customer services to expand market influences in Latin America. It also streamlined a sales and marketing system to tap into the regional market around Mexico.


For the remaining year, the company will continue to take advantage of OSKO’s production and distribution systems to expand its market influence in Lantin American. The new orders for digital detectors are showing a sharp increase around Mexico. Driven by upbeat performance in H1, Rayence is expected to expand its market share in Latin American Market, using Mexico as its basecamp.


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