Rayence’s production for the dental intraoral sensor reached over 80,000


Rayence (www.rayence.com), digital X-ray system and detector supplier, announced on April 17th, 2018 that the company’s culminative production for the dental intraoral sensors hit beyond 80,000 pieces. With this milestone, the company held up No.1 title in global intraoral sensor market for seven years in a row.



Rayence is the one and only Korean player in global intraoral sensor market. The company has aggressively invested in developing innovative technologies for detector production, a core part of X-ray system. One of such is the world’s first bendable X-ray, ‘EzSensor Soft’, which is designed to bend softly along the shapes of patient’s mouth.


Geared up by the successes of innovative products both in domestic and international market, the company’s production is growing by 25% every year since in 2014. In 2017 alone, the company produced 1,700 pieces.


Rayence is planning to take another big step forward with a brand new intraoral sensor. The new EzSensor HD will feature improved pixel size and number. As the demand for intraoral sensor is growing sharply in the emerging markets such as India, Rayence plans to dominate those markets by launching ‘differentiated and innovative’ products. Meanwhile, the company is preparing to expand markets for its sensor, moving from dental to industrial and veterinary markets.






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