Rayence Won ‘The Best Labor Relationship’ Award


October 16, 2017 – Rayence (CEO Hyun Jeong-hoon, www.rayence.com) won ‘The Best Labor Relationship’ award from Ministry of Employment and Labor. The Best Labor Relationship Award is the most prominent award in South Korea that recognizes the companies that successfully prompted fair and friendly labor relationship. 

Rayence has worked for years to cultivate exemplary labor relationship focused on human and employee’s happiness. This move for a ‘good workplace’ helped the company’s overall growth and success in global market. 


The company runs various programs aims at emphasizing ‘fair and friendly labor relationship’ for all employees. Rayence also scored high on promoting working environment focused on employee’s happiness such as flexi-work hour, onsite daycare center and ‘Smart Work Center’ for long-distance employees. Before today’s award, company also was selected as the winner of ‘Best Workplace in Gyeonggido’ in 2014, grand prize for ‘Happy Company’ and ‘CSR Champion Award’ in 2016. By winning ‘Best Labor Relationship’ award today, Rayence distinguished corporate culture took a recognition again.








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