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Rayence Co., Ltd.

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Company specializing in digital X-ray core parts

Rayence is a company that develops and manufactures digital X-ray imaging solution materials and components.
It is the largest detector company in Korea with both TFT and CMOS detector technology, which are core parts of X-ray system. By developing and producing detectors according to various sizes and uses, it provides detectors solutions for medical and various industries as well. The CMOS detector, which shoots high-speed videos easily, is used for dental CT, breast cancer diagnostic devices, PCB related disease testing, and TFT detector which is favorable for large-scale inspections of chest X-rays, animal X-ray, roads and buildings. The scope of its use is gradually expanding through non-destructive examination.

Our detector products and software products for digital image implementation are made up of various product line-ups to reflect the needs of customers who want to find “effective digital solutions”. We are establishing market leadership with new capabilities in advanced X-ray systems for animals with a high potential for future growth, special features and reasonable prices. We will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities as a company that considers the environment as well as technology.

  • Business area : Dental / Medical / Industrial / Animal X-ray, CMOS Detector, TFT Detector, Component material development, etc.
  • Address : #14 Samsung 1-Ro 1-Gil, 23-8 Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 18449
  • Phone : (+82) 031-8015-6200
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