With people

Providing a variety of channels for active communication between colleagues and their families

시스코 순례

Communication with oneself

Pilgrimage on Shikoku Island for internal reflection

Since the staff who experience the Shikoku pilgrimage reflect on themselves in a positive light, the company is also destined to benefit from that.
As a result, Vatech Networks has been carrying out the pilgrimage on Japan’s Shikoku Island since 2011.
The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for employees to discover their own happiness by walking extensively through nature and on the various roads of the island, emptying their minds, while reflecting on the attitudes of their lives and the meaning of their families.
Employees who participate in the pilgrimage on Shikoku will have ample time to talk with each other at the end of each night’s walking schedule.
A time for laughter, tears, reflecting on one’s past, comforting of colleagues, and demonstrating warm camaraderie.

출근길 소통 프로그램

Communication with Vatech

On-the-Job Communication Program

Every day, Vatech people celebrate a unique commute.
Both executives and employees are greeted by a small number of employees who are tasked with greeting the first employees to arrive at work in the morning, sometimes giving small gifts.
Employees are met with smiles and greetings as a means of giving encouragement before they start their day.
With no bias towards an employee’s affiliates, divisions, or positions, this program will continue to be implemented on a monthly basis.

출근길 소통 프로그램

Communication with Vatech

Writing letters with the CEO

Is there a warmer and more touching way to express your heart than through a letter?
Vatech Networks CEO Chang-Joon Noh frequently communicates via letters.
From 2009 to now, we have sent gifts and letters directly to our family members on special occasions such as holidays, couple’s days, and school entrance ceremony days for Vatech children. As a result, there are also a growing number of employees deeply expressing their gratitude and feelings.
Communication through letters reminds all employees that they can appreciate small things.

부모님 초청 행사

Communication with family

Parent invitation events

“What kind of company does my son work for, what kind of people are they working with, and what role do they play?”
Even when you grow into adulthood, there is no end to parents’ worries about their children. Each year, Vatech Networks holds a small event with parents to better understand parents’ feelings towards their children.
It may seem pretty standard, like showing pictures of children or watching their school performances, but having a small routine with your child is a great boost as parents and staff.

임직원 자녀 방학특강

Communication with Vatech

Special lecture for employees’ vacation

What is the most important element of happiness? Vatech Networks found the answer through family.
Vatech Networks provides a wide range of experiential programs, including vacation sports lessons, as well as communication with employees’ children.
In particular, Ewoo Gym, which was completed in 2016, will be open to the children of the employees and be used to hold special lectures on physical education that will help children to improve their physical fitness and promote healthy growth.
This was also provided to induce a deep sense of happiness for our employees to have time to spend with the family in a familiar space.
Vatech Networks is constantly expanding its programs with children.

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