Human-Oriented Innovation

The goal of innovation is humanism.
We are constantly striving to develop technologies to
improve the quality and dignity of life,
to save energy and resources, and to improve the environment,
which are universal values of humanity.

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The Challenge to be the Best

Vatech Networks is aiming to be a “small but strong” company.
We will create a better world by focusing on our customers.

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Sharing Based on Respect

The foundation of continuous innovation and the potential
to reach one’s best lies in the culture of sharing.
The culture of helping and sharing with each other makes
Vatech Networks more robust.

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Business Areas

We are constantly striving to be the best in the world.

Dental X-Ray Field

"We are a global leader in dental imaging diagnostic equipment.
We focus on creating differentiated products with new, innovative technologies."

X-ray Detectors

We are the leading detector company in Korea for both TFT and CMOS detector technologies, which are core parts of X-ray systems. By developing various detectors in-house and producing them, we provide detector solutions for medical use as well as various industrial fields.

Diagnostic Software

We are researching and developing advanced processes to provide solutions that meet customers’ needs in a rapidly changing dental environment, while continually developing products that are easy to learn and use.

Service & Culture

We constantly strive to provide better value and satisfaction with differentiated services tailored to the needs of our customers.

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Corporate Culture

The cultivation of communication, sharing, and welfare culture is an important part of Vatech Networks.


Communication culture

people who prepare for the next generation with a unique perspective


Sharing culture

people who seek a healthy life
by growing together


Welfare culture

people who make medical devices
with sincerity

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