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VATECH Networks CI

OutThinkers: Out of the box thinkers.
A group of specialists shaping a different perspective in the way.
we experience products, technology and culture.

The color Red represents the company’s young, passionate innovation spirit.

The resulting White Circle where the red and orange circles meet symbolizes the nature of light, which gets brighter when added.

  • VATECH Networks CI - Modification


    The symbol mark can be scaled down from its original motif only for signs, etc.

  • VATECH Networks CI - Minimum Size

    Minimum Size

    The symbol mark must not be scaled down to smaller than 6 mm as shown above.

  • Main Color
  • VATECH Dark Red

    PANTONE 1797C / CMYK: M100 Y100 K15 / RGB: R217 G0 B0

  • VATECH Red

    PANTONE 485C / CMYK: M90 Y100 / RGB: R255 G0 B0

  • VATECH Orange

    PANTONE 144C / CMYK: M50 Y100 / RGB: R255 G0 B0

  • Sub Color
  • VATECH Medium Gray

    PANTONE Cool Gray 5C / CMYK: K30 / RGB: R179 G179 B179

  • VATECH Dark Gray

    PANTONE Cool Gray 10C / CMYK: Y5 K60 / RGB: R102 G102 B97

  • VATECH Gold

    PANTONE 873C

  • Silver

    PANTONE 877C

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Tel: +82-31-679-2000
13, Samsung 1-ro 2-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 18449, Korea
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